The panel discussion “Women behind the lens“

The panel discussion “Women behind the lens“ engages in question of female perspective and sensibility in photography. This is the first panel in the region that focuses on the work of female photographers.

Learn about the differences in work of male and female photographers.

There will be a discussion regarding role of motherhood in women’s relationship with work, as well as the importance of women-only groups  due to a number of things only women sense and understand. There will also be a discussion about whether  female photographers have easier access to the subject in certain situations which allows them to immerse themselves in a situation. That is especially valuable in approaching sensitive topics, such as human rights and working with vulnerable groups.

Viewers will have the chance to hear opposing perspectives by the female photographers from different European countries, as well as about their experiences and obsticles they face in their work.

Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade supported  this event.

Participants in panel:

  • Linda Bournane Engelberth (Norway)
  • Carin van Gerven (Belgium)
  • Ursula Röck (Austria)
  • Marija Janković (Serbia)
  • Sanja Knežević (Serbia)
  • Nina Mangalanayagam (Sweden)

The discussion panel moderator, Andrea Jovanović.

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