Photography Festival VIZUALIZATOR 2023

Our mission is to promote progressive, conceptual, and advanced documentary photography by exploring new trends and movements in visual arts.

The VIZUALIZATOR Festival is dedicated to fostering creativity, discovering, and supporting photographic projects that emphasize new trends in photojournalism and documentary photography, enhancing visual media literacy in society.

VIZUALIZATOR serves as a central meeting point for photographers, artists, educators, legislators, and all photography enthusiasts. Through the festival, we promote inclusivity and diversity in documentary photography, exploring controversial and provocative projects that are socially engaged. We connect stakeholders from various fields, creating a platform for constructive debates and guiding the development of photographic art.

Through these efforts, VIZUALIZATOR also works to raise awareness of visual media literacy, supporting the development of critical thinking and analytical skills in interpreting visual stories. We aspire for our festival to become an inspiration and platform for the exchange of ideas, encouraging dialogue on contemporary issues through the power of photography.


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