Photo exhibition of Tara Fallaux

Tara Fallaux is a photographer and film director, born and raised in the Netherlands. She was educated in both Holland and USA in the area of film and photography, after what she begins her career of portrait and documentary photographer. Today she usually combines personal photo and film projects to those commercial ones.
Through medium of photography and film the author tends to unriddle the mysteries of everyday encounters, which leads her to focus her work on human vitality and fate, as well as the ways they shape the world surrounding Tara’s characters. In intention to thoroughly investigate human relations, her research goes from focusing on purely physical encounters, deepens itself and shifts to those hardly accessible, mental and psychological depths. Although her work is very thematically heterogenous, universality of every theme depicted serves as its unifying factor and she manages to succeed in encouraging spectators to contemplate upon each and every of those themes.
For the purpose of presenting herself to the public of Photo Festival VIZUALIZATOR 2020, Tara created an unique photo compilation using photographs from her various projects as a tool of examining numerous female identities and the ways they visually manifest themselves. Starting from conventional and expected representations of women to those unexpected and even surprising, the author invites spectators to peek into female microcosms, guiding them through intimate stories of those portrayed and through all the nuances of emotional spectrums they face. Tara presents different professions, moods and relations as an argument for her belief that every individual is given the right to freedom of expression.

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