Towards the eighth consecutive photography festival “Visualizer” – What is photography, when was the first permanent photo made? What kind of cameras exist out there, what are their settings? – Our goal is to ​​introduce you to the photography and bring it closer to you as a medium. On our Instagram profile of the festival “Visualizer”, we will share some interesting facts about photography, and incorporate your ideas and suggestions as the upcoming new content.
Follow our Instagram page to welcome this year’s “Visualizer” in a fun and educative way. VISUALIZER was founded in 2013 as a project of the Center for the Development of Photography. Every year, the circle of associates, both local and foreign, gradually expands. With each brave new step, VISUALIZER breaks visual and social stereotypes and encourages artistic growth. The interactive part will bring you one step closer to understanding photography from various angles: photography as a medium, photographic symbols and messages photos convey.

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